Best Quests for PC: A List

Best Quests for PC: A List

Today, more and more games is a kind of a mix of genres, as this makes it possible to create interesting and versatile products. As for adventures, borrowing related genres has long been the norm in their development. Therefore, projects in the adventure genre can contain an admixture of classic quests and point-and-click action.

Below is a list of the best adventure games for PC, which clearly demonstrates how difficult it is now to call a particular project a quest or an adventure game pure and simple.

Best Quests for PC: A List

  1. Myst is the progenitor of the 3D quest genre, which not only offers complex puzzles but also pleases with a non-linear mysterious plot. Moreover, the developers have abandoned the traditional inventory, but this has just given the gameplay a particular flavor.
  2. Syberia is another iconic series. It often tops the lists of both the best quests for PC and adventures. Indeed, it is difficult to attribute it to one genre. Thus, after launching the game, it seems that it is a typical quest. But after an hour, you realize that this is a fascinating adventure, which plot keeps you in suspense from beginning to end. And when it’s all over, you want only to continue… Fortunately, the developers have already released three installments of this in all respects splendid game.
  3. Singling out the best adventure games for PC, no publication overlooks the Dreamfall series. And with a good reason. The developers undoubtedly managed to create a masterpiece. The gamer does not just solve puzzles but gets immersed in the storyline and feels like the main character of some fantastic or mystical movie. The game never ceases to surprise one with plot twists, interesting puzzles, stealth elements, and even challenging battles with enemies.
  4. Aquaria is more suitable for the category of side-scrollers for PC, which list usually features classic arcade games — but not in this case. Aquaria is also an interesting adventure and an unusual quest. Gamers will control a mermaid-like character who fights, collects artifacts, and explores a huge and mysterious underwater world.
  5. Our top of adventure games for PC lacks some horror. And just one project comes to mind in this regard, which perfectly combines quest, adventure, and horror elements — Scratches. In the story, the main character acquires a mysterious mansion and will have to unravel numerous dark secrets of the old building.

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