Best Adventure Games for Android

Best Adventure Games for Android

Best adventure games for Android will allow you to have a good time in fictional but very elaborate worlds, where mysterious stories, numerous puzzles, and battles await you.

Best Adventure Games for Android: A Top

  1. The top of quests for Android should be begun with the Silent Age project. It takes gamers to a dark future that is quite grim after the outbreak of an epidemic. Players should prepare to explore locations using point-and-click mechanics and solve puzzles. And to fully appreciate the game atmosphere, it is strongly recommended to wear headphones when playing.
  2. Machinarium will offer you to complete a fun side-scroller revolving around a cute robot named Josef. He will have to save his girlfriend, who was kidnapped by local criminals. The game came out to be very positive and funny and won numerous awards.
  3. Walking Dead series. This project is included in the list of best adventure games for Android, as well as for PC and consoles. Gamers will have to solve difficult survival tasks in a world after a zombie apocalypse.
  4. Portal Knights will be appreciated by gamers of all ages since this game features very nice and vivid graphics while giving a lot of freedom to players. Its genre is very difficult to determine, as, in this action game, there are quests, an RPG component, sandbox elements, etc.
  5. Tsuki Adventure is a very positive adventure game about a rabbit who suddenly inherited a farm. And now, the cute furry character will have to learn all the charms of rural life, beginning with communication with other characters and ending with vegetable garden cultivation and performing other quests on the farm.
  6. Considering the best quest games for Android, one cannot ignore Life is Strange. It is revolving around a girl photographer Max who suddenly acquires the ability to change events in the past. But as you know, it usually does not lead to anything good.
  7. Distraint is a horror side-scroller, which completion sometimes just makes the blood freeze in your veins. The classic horror atmosphere is ensured one hundred percent, which will allow you to enjoy the thrill while exploring various dark locations.
  8. Office Quest will tell the story about the hard life of an office employee who suffers from unfriendly colleagues and a grumpy boss. But as soon as the main character gets immersed in his fantasies, the dull everyday life is quickly forgotten, and the world is given a fresh coat of paint. This quest is very unusual and will please you with a spectacular visual component.

Unfortunately, to describe all the decent games for Android-based smartphones is an unresolvable task, but you should try at least those mentioned above — it is certainly worth it!

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