The Medium

The Medium

A mystical plot, interesting characters, incredible abilities — all this is present in the horror puzzle game The Medium.

It is a singleplayer game with a third-person view.

The game is set between two worlds connected by secrets and mysteries — the real world and the spirit world. You will be able to move between them, use your unique mediumistic abilities, and find clues. Everything that happens around has the other side, and it is you — as a medium — are capable of noticing what is not available to others.

The world is full of mysteries and unexpected encounters, one of which is with a terrible monster, The Maw. So, just start to act! You will manage to find a way out of any situation.

The spirit world in the game is the embodiment of the dark and unkind deeds made in the real world. Impunity and vice are reflected there. So, explore each of the worlds at once, solve the mysteries of the dual reality, and restore the past events in your memory.

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