Days Gone

Days Gone

The action-adventure game Days Gone is set two years after a global epidemic. The game’s main character is Deacon St. John, a former biker and outlaw hunting for a reward, who tries to find a life’s purpose in a deadly world. Search for supplies in deserted villages to make items and weapons from them, or find other survivors who are engaged in trade… or a bloody business.

The amazing world of the Northwest Сoast of the Pacific Ocean with its mysterious forests, endless meadows, high mountains, and desert plateaus is beautiful but very dangerous. Explore caves, ravines, mountains, and the remaining villages that have suffered from volcanic eruptions for a long time.

Fierce battles: There are violent criminals or hordes of freakers everywhere, so you must learn how to use your traps and weapons and improve your skills to survive. Besides, do not forget about your drifter bike — a means of transportation through these vast expanses.

Constantly changing environment: Explore the game world with dynamic weather, day and night cycle, changing freakers, and surviving settlers while driving Deacon’s bike.

Exciting storyline: Get immersed in an impressive story about hopelessness, treachery, and bitterness playing as Deacon St. John, who wants to find at least a glimmer of hope to recover from an irreparable loss. How to stay human in the daily battle for life?

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