Best Puzzle Adventure Games for PC

Best Puzzle Adventure Games for PC

It’s nice when a game is not just entertaining but also makes one rack one’s brains. And for such a purpose, the best puzzle adventure games for PC are perfect. They not only please one with an interesting storyline, which is gradually revealed in the course of the completion but also require solving diverse puzzles. By making you think, such projects develop critical thinking, logic, memory, etc., in a game form.

Best Puzzle Adventure Games for PC: A Top

  1. Syberia is the most famous quest, followed by two sequels and managed to catch the audience not only with intriguing puzzles but also with a fascinating storyline. Given its beautiful visual implementation and rendering of individual locations in the steampunk style, this game has become recognizable and ultra-popular.
  2. Samorost is another quest that features three installments. A well-known Czech designer Jakub Dworsky participated in its development. He has managed to give the game a unique flavor. However, the gameplay itself is quite classic, that is, a point-and-click one. It is worth noting that not all puzzles are solvable in terms of logic — this makes the game even more interesting.
  3. Braid. For those who remember Super Mario on 8-bit NES, this indie platformer will be a real discovery. Both the gameplay and the main character are surprisingly reminiscent of Mario, and the goal in Braid is the same — to save the princess. Even so, it is not a mere clone but an original project, where to achieve the goal, you will have to control time, collect stars, and solve numerous puzzles.
  4. Trine will please those who like to combine completion of quests with action. In this game, you will have to simultaneously control three characters — a knight, a wizard, and a thief, switching between them if necessary. The problem is that you can complete certain locations only if you guess to choose the right character and apply his abilities.
  5. Machinarium is a very cute quest with a nice visual component. The storyline revolves around a robot who was thrown into the trash but found the strength and courage to resist the criminal world and save his girlfriend.
  6. Limbo combines several genres. It is a quest, an indie game, a platformer, and even a survival horror rolled into one. Limbo will not leave indifferent those who like to rattle their nerves since the game features a dark atmosphere, an appropriate soundtrack, and a lot of frightening plot twists.

This list can be continued indefinitely — to even briefly describe all the projects worthy of attention is an impossible task. But at least mention should still be made of Botanicula, Swapper, World of Goo, Unravel, The Witness, and The Turing Test.

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